Oshkosh Day-1

Saturday is a relaxed day at Oshkosh as the vendors are in full swing getting the displays setup. The one interesting thing that happens is the mass arrivals of the Bonanza’s, Cessna and Mooney groups. I managed to get some various shots of the grounds and the arrivals before I got to cold and had to head back to camp to put on sweat pants. First time I’ve had to bundle up here as normally it 90 degrees and humid.

First up is me and Duggy.



Waiting for the mass arrivals I saw these two planes get caught trying to swap places. Sometimes it takes more people to help sort out a simple problem. Oh well, relax and enjoy being at Oshkosh.



Traffic alert, multiple targets inbound!

Bonanza_arrival1Another shot of the massive Bonanza group.



A Bonanza just before touchdown.


Cessna shows that they can do it too, but they only had about 32 planes in the group and we down in 12 minutes.



A nice orange Cessna 170

C170-1A red Cessna 170



Cessna 182



Oshkosh tower



An interesting plane by the flight line.


I feel like M&M’s

Stay tuned for more through out the week.

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