Switching roles

The time has come for me to become the student once again.

Starting Sept 17, 2011 I will be in a 4 day class to earn my Instrument Instructor certificate. It’s a lot of work to add the second “I” onto my already new plastic, but it will be well worth it. Not only will I be more marketable, but I’m looking forward to learning the G1000 in the IFR environment.

That will be the challenge for me so I can be proficient and knowledgeable to pass it on to the students I have waiting to earn their instrument ratings. With winter approaching this is an ideal time to start working on it as we generally have good flying and decent mild IFR weather to train in. The golden days are lots of mild puffy clouds with no convective activity in order to train in actual.

Step 1 though is to finish studying for the instrument written and score high on the practice exams. It’s all the arcane instruments like a RIC and such that I get wrong. I mean who has those anymore? The good news is that I have been scoring in the high 80’s but I know a certain someone that is expecting me to get a 98% so it’s back to the books.

I’ll report back soon on my progress, written exam score and ultimately the details of the check ride.

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