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It’s the end of the 4th day of the CFII class. It’s been an intense four days of learning and homework. Each day consisted of detailed info regarding the reg’s, instruments, IFR rules both part 61 and 91. What a great review it’s been.

At the end of each day we had time in the Garmin G1000 Flight Training Device. It has a 50″ plasma screen up front with the Garmin G1000 setup for us to fly and an instructor station to monitor and create all kinds of failures for us.

It’s been a very realistic learning experience and much easier to learn with out the wasted time of startup, taxiing and holding at the run-up area. I highly recommend using the FTD to learn the G1000 or any other TAA avionics suite in an aircraft.

Today was filled with student presentations consistiting of holding patterns, static pitot system instruments and programming the G1000 for a GPS approach. It’s very nerve racking to present in front of the very experienced CFI teaching us, but it’s a neccesary evil. Thankfully he’s very patient and will quietly pick apart our presentations with all the things we got wrong or left out. It’s truly a humbling experience to watch his blank poker face knowing we are stating something wrong and waiting for the critique.

However it’s all good knowing he’s doing so to make us better instructors. At the end of the day we both feel better about our presentations and are more motivated to keep doing better.

I passed the CFII written last Friday with a 94% and all that’s left is some flying in the G1000 C172 with the GFC7000 autopilot this weekend. We will also fly the G1000 KAP 140 equipped plane on Sunday to round out our experience. The check ride is soon to follow.

I’m really looking forward to being done with this and being able to teach instrument students. It’s been an exciting few months becoming a CFI and finally a CFII and I’m totally enjoying this new role. I can honestly say I never understood IFR flying to the depths I do now that I am looking to teach it. If you ever want to up your game, get your CFI and learn it like you’ve never understood it before.

Stayed tuned for the updates on our weekend flying and the check ride.

Ron Klutts CFI

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