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I started this blog to share stories and experiences from my students as I embark on this new challenge in teaching students to fly. I earned my Private certificate in 1980 and enjoyed lots of recreational flying back then. I learned at Reid-Hillview airport in San Jose and I’m now based at Palo Alto, CA (KPAO)

In 2005 an opening became available in a share of a 1970 Cessna 172K so I bought in and started working on the instrument rating that I was so close to getting many years previous.

Over the next few years I added the Commercial certificate and the final step was earning the CFI in an intense 2 week course. I’ll be adding CFII soon too.

I have a great full-time job so my promise to you is:  I will be here for as long as you want to continue your flight training. I won’t be leaving to go try out an airline job or some corporate flight position. I won’t make you look for another CFI to finish your training – I’ll be here for the duration, no matter how many certificates and ratings you want to get. I am a professional flight instructor and my aviation goal is to be the best instructor you’ll ever find.

I have flown GA aircraft to Oshkosh twice and have taken many more cross country trips both VFR and IFR.

Please send any feedback or comments to me, I appreciate it.


Ron Klutts


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